“Give a brother some extra time!”

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I changed the background of my blog to spice it up a little.

In reference to the title of this blog, yesterday in my class a student became frustrated when I revealed answers to the classwork before he had completed the assignment. He said, in an annoyed voice, “Give a brother some extra time!” Then he pushed his paper away from him and said that all he needed was more time.

I find that some students in developmental reading courses tend to process information a little slower than what is considered normal, so I generally allow all students to have more time, especially on quizzes.  The college I teach at, probably along with all other colleges, “is committed to the philosophy of nondiscrimination for individuals with disabilities.”  Students may not realize it, but colleges are “in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.”

What the above information means is that students can apply for services such as additional time, taking a test in a quiet setting with less distractions, having a note-taker, having font enlarged if they have poor eyesight, etc. I tell my students that if they had any of those services in high school, they can receive them in college as well. I even know a graduate student who utilizes disability services. Once students apply and are given documentation, their teachers have to comply with the services by law.

Having a little extra time, as my student would have liked to have had, makes a big difference for some students and may be a determining factor in whether or not they are successful in college.

  1. Jessica Jones says:

    My child has a 504 Plan in place. So why do the teachers NEVER honor??? Some of the teachers have told her they don’t care what she has she will do the work the same as all the other students! I do not have much use for the Baltimore Co. Public school system at all!

    • mdeducator81 says:

      I teach a student who told me he received special ed services, and his mother was dissatisfied with his quality of education so she transfered him to many different schools.It’s sad that parents have to be responsible for finding a quality education for their children. If the school system was functioning properly, all schools would give students the opportunity to receive a quality education.

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