Maryland earns highest education score in nation B+ (87.6)

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Read the entire article by Education Week.

Given the state of some of Maryland’s schools, I’d be quite scared to see what is going on in Nebraska D+ (68.6), District of Columbia D+ (69.1), and South Dakota D+ (69.2).

In regards to the information, here are some tweets I pulled from Twitter:

@croberts5: And Baltimore schools are not where they need to be, but MoCo, HoCo, n others overshadow that. It’s like puttin on deodorant wen u dnt wash

@umbjeff Where else but Bmore would top ranking be seen as bad news?I’m not sold on methodology,but survey is good for MD

@GennyDill I feel like it must be a typo, or that it excluded Greater Baltimore, or perhaps was just private schools

@duckydynamo Oh, yeah, Maryland schools got ranked #1 in the nation. This can’t be life.

@Caro_Ames How are maryland schools ranked #1 again?? That explains a lot about the problems of our nation!

@jamesJJohnson How did MD get #2 in the Best Schools in the Country? Did they just ignore Baltimore?

@LOVEonNiC not in bmore RT @BreakingNews MD schools ranked #1 in nation 4 3rd consecutive year

Some are impressed, while others are skeptical…

  1. Rubina says:

    and if I recall correctly, Frederick County is one of the best in the state 🙂 Not for long though, if the cuts that our local govt wants to make happens. Its nice that MD ranked so high on some survey. I’m sure the survey, if tailored differently, could have ranked someone else that high, too.

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