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I just wrote an article about online courses in Baltimore for Check it out!

Also, I have a blog of pictures that I have taken. Lately I’ve been taking a lot of photos of birds. Check it out!

Here’s one of the pics that’s on my blog for a sample…It’s a tufted titmouse!


Read the entire article by Education Week.

Given the state of some of Maryland’s schools, I’d be quite scared to see what is going on in Nebraska D+ (68.6), District of Columbia D+ (69.1), and South Dakota D+ (69.2).

In regards to the information, here are some tweets I pulled from Twitter:

@croberts5: And Baltimore schools are not where they need to be, but MoCo, HoCo, n others overshadow that. It’s like puttin on deodorant wen u dnt wash

@umbjeff Where else but Bmore would top ranking be seen as bad news?I’m not sold on methodology,but survey is good for MD

@GennyDill I feel like it must be a typo, or that it excluded Greater Baltimore, or perhaps was just private schools

@duckydynamo Oh, yeah, Maryland schools got ranked #1 in the nation. This can’t be life.

@Caro_Ames How are maryland schools ranked #1 again?? That explains a lot about the problems of our nation!

@jamesJJohnson How did MD get #2 in the Best Schools in the Country? Did they just ignore Baltimore?

@LOVEonNiC not in bmore RT @BreakingNews MD schools ranked #1 in nation 4 3rd consecutive year

Some are impressed, while others are skeptical…