Social Anxiety (Warning: I digress from my ed blog)

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

When you read this, you can play the following song. “I Can Hear You Louder than Ever.”

Do I have social anxiety?

No way!

Of course I do. The question’s not even debatable.

When I go through life events such as I’m dealing with now

(And which I’ve been through before…My life’s on repeat)

People become vocal and say things such as

She probably has social anxiety

And should seek therapy

I just wanted to say a quick thanks

For the suggestions

But right now I’m just not interested in therapy

Why don’t you go to therapy for being overweight?

Or for your nicotine addiction?

Probably for the same reason I don’t go to therapy

Whatever that is

Sometimes an individual’s problems are not easily solved

I mean

Anyone smoking would quit if he or she knew how

Just as

Anyone would rise out of poverty

If he or she knew the trick

I don’t know the trick

To ridding myself of anxiety

And I’m only willing to be medicated for physical ailments

Like the noncancerous tumor that was growing

On my pituitary gland, and might still be there

Even though my insurance denies claims and calls my issues

“preexisting conditions”

I’m just saying

I already know I have problems

And if I have to grow old alone because of them

Then I guess that sucks

But I just wanted to write this

Because people have been telling me since middle school

About my problems

And I’m aware of them

So thanks for pointing out the obvious

I don’t think therapy would have saved

Anything I’ve lost up to this point

I’ve made my own strides

And I’m content with that progress

Even if many aspects of my life still suffer

  1. Katie Yeager says:

    It’s in the genes. And, well, it’s 2010 and I think a lot of people throw around the terms “therapy” and “drugs” like they are bullet proof solutions to the fact that life isn’t perfect, when really they are nothing more than ongoing experiments on how to fix people.

  2. Melissa says:

    I know this was so not the intent but this makes me feel so bad. I don’t see you the way you do. Do you have social anxiety? Maybe. Were you shy, sure. Was all this a problem? I don’t think so, I always thought you were and still are one of the most honest true people that I have ever known. You spoke when something needed to be said, you didn’t just speak to have crap come out of your mouth (like me!) You are a teacher and you write this awesome blog and you are not afraid to be yourself I see that as completely awesome and don’t think I could do any of that. I seriously admire all that you have become, I know that may not mean much to you but I have ALWAYS thought highly of you. I just don’t know how you put up with me all those years : )

    • mdeducator81 says:

      Thanks. I think I was just having a moment and being frustrated about life. Now that I’m over the whole freaking out thing (for the moment), I’m starting to think that being single might be kind of fun. It’ll be even more fun once I find myself a place to live.

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