Waiting for Superman film

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

There’s a documentary coming out sometime this coming fall called Waiting for Superman. I write education articles for Examiner (although I haven’t written anything new lately), and I received an email from them saying they are working on getting education reporters access to a free screening of the documentary. Apparently the film displays the problems in the US public education system and then offers some suggestions for reform. I’m sure the film will be captivating, but I’m expecting it to highlight problems that I’m already aware of. The filmmaker is the same guy who put together An Inconvenient Truth.

I saw in the film they have the guy Geoffrey Canada speaking. He’s the CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone. I saw him in some clip in the past that was discussing the “stop snitching” problems.

The Harlem Children’s Zone boasts statistics like, “In 2009, over 87% of Promise Academy 8th graders were at or above grade level on the statewide math exam.” It’ll be interesting to see if they use the school as a model of what reform should look like. If given the chance to go to the screening, I’ll definitely be interested in checking it out.

See the official trailer for the movie here:

  1. Thanks for sharing the trailer. I’m an employee of SEED, one of the organizations featured in the film, and we’re excited about the release of Waiting for Superman. Follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more about education reform, the film, and SEED.

    Come visit us at http://www.seedfoundation.com!

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