Reading Questionnaire

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I met my new group of developmental college reading students today and gave them a questionnaire. I have a fairly young group so I asked the question, “Do you feel your high school experience prepared you for college?” Here are the responses:

  • Yes, my high school experience prepared me for college but it has been a very long time.
  • No, I really didn’t go to high school. I dropped out and got my GED.
  • No not at all.
  • I think my high experience has prepared me for college.
  • Not really
  • Yes it did
  • Not at all
  • What prepared me was wanting to be a counselor for people who use drugs and alcohol
  • I don’t think it prepared me enough.
  • In ways yes.
  • Yeah in a way I feel like it did.
  • Didn’t go all the way through high school

Results: 5 say YES, 4 say NO, 2 did not complete high school, and 1 response (the 8th one)  is unclear


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