Percentage of students receiving special services in charters

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

I didn’t see the data on KIPP Harmony (maybe they’re too new?) N/A means the school does not serve that body of students or that there were too few students in that category for data to be collected.

Charter School –> 2009 info Elem SPED Mid SPED High SPED
City Spring School (preK-8) 9.50% 6.90%
Wolfe Street Academy (preK-5) 15% N/A
Dr. Rayner Browne Academy (preK-8) 7.80% 12.30%
Hampstead Hill Academy (preK-8) 7.40% 7.90%
Rosemont (preK-8) 11.30% 14.90%
Collington Square School (preK-8) 12.40% 10.40%
Empowerment Academy (preK-8) 5.70% N/A
Midtown Academy (K-8) 5.70% N/A
The Crossroads School (6-8) N/A 9.90%
KIPP Ujima Academy (5-8) 10.10% 12.10%
ConneXions (6-12) N/A 17.90% 17.10%
City Neighbors Charter (K-8) 15.80% 19.40%
Patterson Park (K-8) 9.30% 8.10%
Southwest Charter (K-5) 9.00% N/A
Inner Harbor East (Pre-K-7) 5.20% N/A
Northwood Appold Community Academy (K-5) 6.20% N/A
MATHS (Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences) (6-11) N/A 10.80% 4.70%
The Green School (K-5) 9.00% N/A
Independence School Local 1 (9-12) N/A N/A 17%
Bluford Drew Jemison MST (6-8) N/A 10.10%
Baltimore International Academy (K-7) 3.50% N/A
Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (preK-5) 9% N/A
Afya Public Charter School (6-7) N/A 11.70%
City Neighbors Hamilton (K-3) 15.80% 19.40%
KIPP Harmony (K)
Baltimore Freedom Academy (6-12) N/A 18.10% 10.10%
Coppin Academy (9-12) N/A N/A 9%

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