Percentage of Limited English Proficient Students Served at Baltimore Charter Schools

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Below I have listed the percentage of Limited English Proficient (ESL) students served in Baltimore’s charter schools. I am simply stating facts here and not trying to put negative implications on Baltimore’s charters. The only fair comparison will be to see what the percentage of LEP students are served at nearby regular public schools, and I have not gotten around to that yet. Again, all of this info was collected from the 2009 Maryland Report Card.

(N/A means that the school does not serve that population of students or that they do not have enough students participating  to collect data)


City Spring School (preK-8) 0% 0%
Wolfe Street Academy (preK-5) 40% N/A
Dr. Rayner Browne Academy (preK-8) 0% 0%
Hampstead Hill Academy (preK-8) 17.90% 6.30%
Rosemont (preK-8) 0% 0%
Collington Square School (preK-8) 0% 0%
Empowerment Academy (preK-8) 0% 0%
Midtown Academy (K-8) 0% 0%
The Crossroads School (6-8) N/A N/A
KIPP Ujima Academy (5-8) 0% 0%
ConneXions (6-12) N/A 0% 0%
City Neighbors Charter (K-8) 0% 0%
Patterson Park (K-8) 15.80% 8.10%
Southwest Charter (K-5) 0% N/A
Inner Harbor East (Pre-K-7) 0% N/A
Northwood Appold Community Academy (K-5) 0% N/A
MATHS (Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences) (6-11) N/A 0% 0%
The Green School (K-5) 0% N/A
Independence School Local 1 (9-12) N/A N/A 0%
Bluford Drew Jemison MST (6-8) N/A 0%
Baltimore International Academy (K-7) 4.30% N/A
Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (preK-5) N/A N/A
Afya Public Charter School (6-7) N/A 0%
City Neighbors Hamilton (K-3) 0% 0%
KIPP Harmony (K)
Baltimore Freedom Academy (6-12) N/A 0% 0%
Coppin Academy (9-12) N/A N/A 0%

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