Baltimore City Charter Schools

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m doing some research on Baltimore City’s charter schools. Below is a list of the charters. There are more than are listed, but I only included the ones that are included on the 2009 Maryland Report Card . The charters that I didn’t list are too new for statistics to have been compiled  yet. In future posts I’ll be analyzing the percentages of students receiving free lunch, the percentage of special education students, the percentage of limited English proficient students, and then comparing the charters with nearby regular public schools. Tedious work, but interesting!

Baltimore City Charter Schools ——————————— # of students

City Spring School (preK-8) 562
Wolfe Street Academy (preK-5) 182
Dr. Rayner Browne Academy (preK-8) 253
Hampstead Hill Academy (preK-8) 548
Rosemont (preK-8) 452
Collington Square School (preK-8) 502
Empowerment Academy (preK-8) 216
Midtown Academy (K-8) 180
The Crossroads School (6-8) 150
KIPP Ujima Academy (5-8) 343
ConneXions (6-12) 239
City Neighbors Charter (K-8) 198
Patterson Park (K-8) 526
Southwest Charter (K-5) 201
Inner Harbor East (Pre-K-7) 267
Northwood Appold Community Academy (K-5) 248
MATHS (Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences) (6-11) 366
The Green School (K-5) 108
Independence School Local 1 (9-12) 102
Bluford Drew Jemison MST (6-8) 259
Baltimore International Academy (K-7) 367
Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (preK-5) 172
Afya Public Charter School (6-7) 113
City Neighbors Hamilton (K-3) 198
KIPP Harmony (K)
Baltimore Freedom Academy (6-12) 532
Coppin Academy (9-12) 317

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