I’m on a roll!

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Finally, I got back into the groove of writing. I am now also writing for the Examiner and my articles can be seen here. Some of my topics on this blog will be very similar to my articles on Examiner, except here I often write in first person while I try to remain in third person for Examiner.

If you or anyone you know would like to have a nonprofit, a private business, a charter school, public school, private school, or other program in the Baltimore area geared towards education mentioned, leave a comment or send an email to Lyeager81@gmail.com .

Thanks! I look forward to working with everyone and continuing to read your interesting comments!

Oh…and happy summer! (I included a beach photo from Mexico to set the mood)

  1. a parent says:

    You might want to consider looking at the statistics for charters in Baltimore before you say PPPC is bucking trends of free lunch, special ed etc. I looked at the MSA site for Afya and found (it’s very new so looking at 2009 numbers):
    – 11.7% special education students
    – 78.4% free or reduced lunches
    – it’s a title I school
    – no limited English language (but that’s a reflection of the neighborhood)
    – racially almost 100% African American (but again that’s a reflection of the neighborhood)

    Maybe you could do an article that shows which charter schools have no special ed/alt MSA/504 students (often alleged as typical of charter schools, but of the 5 I’ve toured only one – Stadium -seemed that way).

  2. mdeducator81 says:

    Thanks, that’s a great idea! Baltimore City Schools are hard to keep track of. I see they have charter schools, innovation schools, and transformation schools. That must make it very difficult for parents to keep track of what is going on. I see 27 charters listed on their site, so I’ll start there. Going through all of them will be tedious, but I’m sure the results will be interesting.

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