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I was snowed in for the past week, but I was also sick for the entire week, so I really didn’t get much accomplished. I did a lot of shoveling snow and reading texts for my graduate classes, but I really didn’t do much of any creating (lesson plans, blogs).

I thought I’d post a quick book recommendation.

I highly recommend the book Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax. I stumbled upon this book at the library and it was really interesting, from the first to last page. You especially want to read this book if you are raising young boys, teaching young boys, or are planning on having children one day. Leonard Sax discusses the effects video games are having on young boys. He also provides very interesting information about the number of boys who are being diagnosed with ADHD (and he discusses which medications are more harmful than others). He even suggests that some parents should consider holding their sons back a year before enrolling them into kindergarten.

Sax also touches on the fact that many males in their twenties and thirties are still living at home with their parents and don’t have the drive to attempt to become independent. He includes some letters that have been written by these 20-30 year-olds (and sometimes by their wives or girlfriends) which are very interesting to read.

He even discusses the idea that chemicals in plastics are making males more effeminate. I learned a lot from this book. The author has a Ph.D. in psychology. ” In 1990, he launched a private medical practice in suburban Montgomery County, Maryland, about 30 minutes northwest of the District of Columbia. He practiced in the same location, serving families in the same small town, for 18 years (1990 – 2008).”

I found that quoted info. from his website, Check him out and read the book!