Does the price of college make a difference in the long-run?

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I stumbled across an interesting report, which can be found at this link:

(I don’t know why I can’t get WordPress to create a live link to the site, but once I figure it out I’ll update).

Anyway, if interested in viewing the report, scroll to page 49 to see statistics for Maryland. The report also has college statistics for all other states.

My sister is enrolled at College of Notre Dame of Maryland, which according to this report, has a yearly tuition of $24,500. The University of MD College Park, which is a very competitive school, costs $7,969 per year (a savings of over $16,000 per year). Notre Dame enrolls 1,719 students, while U of MD enrolls a ton more: 32, 660. UMBC costs $8,708 per year and enrolls a little over 10,000 students.

My question is this: Is a degree from an expensive private school more valuable than a degree from a competitive public university? And if the answer is no, then why spend all the extra money? I’d be interested to hear opinions from people attending college or people who have graduated.

  1. Teri Wilkins says:

    I have three degrees from Loyola (MD) and am working on my fourth. I’ve been willing to spend the extra money because of the liberal arts education as well as the connections I have made. In all of my classes, both undergraduate and graduate, I have had a professor (not a teaching assistant) as the instructor. My classes have been small enough so that I have never been lost in a sea of faces. In addition, the Jesuit mission speaks to me.

  2. akilah says:

    In the real world, a college affiliation may get you in the door but how far you go depends on you striving to reach a certain level of success and what you are willing to put into achieving professional success.

    I do not have any degree yet and I see some of my peers with 3 (undergrad, grad,phd) and we make the same salary. I’ve been promoted often above degree holding peers and they have sometimes tried to make me feel unworthy of such promotions due to my lack of a degree but I usually counter with I work longer\harder than them most times and it shows.

    Oh I really attribute my success to God cause he puts me in the right place at the right times 🙂 I’m hoping to finally get the degree in a couple of years in between raising my son.

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