I’m Inspired: by Jade (student at Western High)

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

The following was submitted by a student who attends Western High in Baltimore. She believes teens should persevere to overcome their adversities, rather than giving up.

“Being a product of thus modern generation, there are many great influences that one could choose from. As the more popular decision of many teenagers today; President Barack Obama has definitely made a great impact and influence on my life! His installment as our president boosted my belief of knowing that I can do anything I want in life. This isn’t only because he was contrary to the past presidential candidates, but because he came from a single family home, and now has achieved the highest power of the country.

Many people are discouraged; especially teens today. Them or their families are not up to standards, according to media’s portrayal of an ideal perfect family, so they force themselves to believe that they are nothing more than their environment. With this, youth are suffering from self degradation and the most common word in their vocabulary is “can’t”. We as youth are taught by society to put forth a minimum effort, and if we don’t succeed at our task, then we should end that trial and try something new. But in reality, we should not try once and quit; we shall keep trying and trying until we succeed and we’re the best at it!

By Obama’s powerful yet simple campaign phrase, “yes we can”, many youth were encouraged to do better, to believe in themselves, and put forth an effort to succeed! The key word in the phrase is “can”! That word is such a subtle word yet very powerful! It uplifts a spirit, and inspires youth to aim for their dreams with a mentality of success!

One phrase that I like to tell myself, when I feel like a task can’t be done is; ‘at first we couldn’t, and now yes we can! It will be done, and it’s up to me to do it. Yes I can!'”

What do you think of the points this student has made? Who inspires you to be successful?


  1. Yusuf says:

    An examination of Fethullah Gülen’s philosophy of education and the educational activities of the movement (R. Woodhall):


  2. Katie says:

    That was a really inspiring essay, and its refreshing to hear such a feeling of empowerment coming from a teen, too. I think this student has a very proactive view on life, which is exactly what she is going to need to succeed. Great ideas!

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