Smile Teachers, You Might be on Camera!

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I’ve been following students’ tweets on Twitter, as previously mentioned, and some may find it disturbing to know that not only are students sneaking texts during class, but they are also snapping photos. The photo I included in this post was taken today in a Baltimore school. The student wrote that this woman is substituting for the day, which may explain how the student was able to get away with taking the picture.

The student took the picture, and within the same hour, had it uploaded to the Internet, making it visible to her 88 followers, and anyone else who stumbles across her account. In one sense, this ability to report through text and pictures could make a teacher cringe, while on the other hand it also exposes what is going on in the classroom, which really makes students quite powerful. I’m not really too sure what to say about it, other than wow.

Oh, and I blotted out the sub’s face, assuming that she may not appreciate appearing in my blog.



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