A few more Tuesday tweets

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hunting these down was kind of fun, so I decided to do a part 2. These are tweets that were created today, inside Baltimore’s schools. What do you think? (I have blotted out teacher’s and student’s names to protect their privacy).

Student 1:

Mr. A*** be GOINGGG. Hahaa he lunchin like shizz moeee ROFL.
Crucible projects/presentations in Yxxx class. Hahaha sooo funnny.
Damn ms. R*** a true filipino. She did the “sss” call to get my attention.

Student 2:

Where is the girl k*** during exam review week, she a dummie…
Wow ubertwitter was just acting real stupid..
I really don’t want to have this math exam, I bet yawl glad yawl got it over with
I hate chorus, well mens sectionals that is, ugh!
Save me twitter!
Aint nobody talkin nigga! If my phone gets takin I will be pissed
My ankle is on the half, literally lmfao
We sounds a mess, I wish we had a glee club!

Student 3:

hella boredd in chemistry, i think i’ll just take a cougar nap! tf?
the shape of ammonia is trigonal pyramid! haha, chemistry reeakesss!
on my way to russian! tryna get that fruity pebble cake
hella boredd! at lurnchhh!
yo, why is this girl walkin around with loose tracks! it’s only by the grace of god that those things are hanging tight! Lls
in music theory! the best class ever!


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