Parents Please Respond Here

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Thank you for your finding my new blog. I am a 28-year-old developmental college instructor/graduate student who is doing personal research on Baltimore’s public school systems. I am collecting feedback from parents and students regarding satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the school systems. For this blog, here are some questions to consider:

Do you feel that you are a part of your child’s educational community? Are you involved with your child’s school? Why or why not?

Are you confident that your child or children are receiving a quality education? Are you confident that your child will grow up to be successful or are your doubtful?

If you could recommend changes at your child’s school, what would those recommendations be?

Feel free to address any questions that I have not asked. Also, please state if your child or children attend Baltimore City or County Schools. Thank you for your participation in this study.

  1. suzane boellner says:

    I have 2 sons in balt. co schools. My oldest is add and until high school I felt like all the schools wanted me to drug him instead of working with his disability. Since I am a strong advocate for alternative med’s and learning I fought hard for his basic rights under the law. Finally when he reached his magnet high (CARVER) did I feel they opened a door to him and his learning ways. Schools try to put all children in a cookie cutter way of learning but all children learn different. And if you are a child who struggles for what ever reason the school wants to put a label on these kids. Talk about lowering ones self esteem. My other child is in pine grove middle and for years we have had to fight for this school to have mentoring programs started. On numerous occasions my son has been attached in random acts of violence. The school does little to support getting these bullies the help they need. In closing it is my belief that to many parents are so wrapped up in there own lives that they spend little time watching whats going on in there child’s. Stay at home moms are thought to be not educated. I made a choice to be here for my kids even after college. If everyone would stop and just talk to there children they would see the real fears all of them face everyday.

  2. I have seen first hand the struggles that parents go through to find the right way for their child to learn. Parents from Baltimore county formed a group call Emerging Minds of Maryland. We now have supports across The state of Maryland. E-Mom is a non-profit grass roots advocacy group that believes that online learning should be an option for all families in the state of Maryland. Emerging Minds of Maryland supports all the families and children who feel that virtual learning is the best education option for their family and that it should be available through the public school system. Our goal is to educate parents who want to learn more about this option, policy makers and others on why we chose the option of virtual instruction for our children.
    Please feel free to check us out at
    We are now gearing up for the new legislation year.

  3. a parent says:

    I have three children attending three different Baltimore City public schools. My husband and I are involved in all of these schools although to varying levels – mainly schools where you efforts are needed and appreciated get more of our time. My husband is on the SFC at one school.

    Although there is always room for improvement I am generally happy with the education they are receiving. Any parent who doesn’t have some worry about how your kids will turn out probably just doesn’t care, so I totally worry about my kids. I wouldn’t pin all these worries (or even most) on the schools they attend.

    I would, and have, recommended my kids’ schools, with caveats. All kids are different and all schools are different, so expecting a perfect match is unrealistic. In general I feel strongly that excellent public education is essential to a strong and healthy society. I wish less city residents would opt out of City Schools rather than finding a way to make them better.

    My blog – – is primarily about being a parent of City School students.

  4. mdeducator81 says:

    Thanks for commenting. I think I stumbled across your blog when I was reading InsideEd comments. I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence:
    “I wish less city residents would opt out of City Schools rather than finding a way to make them better.”

    I can see how it kind of makes sense to pull out the top achiving 10% of each school and place those students in a separate school, but what I really think we need to work on is fixing all schools. I wish somebody could map out where each student lives and draw a path to the school he or she goes to. It would be crazy to see how many kids are being shuffled all over the place.

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