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Posted: December 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Even those who are not directly a part of the school system are affected by the students that it produces. If students are not learning appropriate social skills, and are not being prepared to successfully obtain employment or seek post-secondary education, these results are felt throughout the community.

If you have experienced a situation that you feel was the result of shortcomings of the educational system, please share. Has your community worsened over time, remained the same, or have you seen improvement?

Is there a way that the community can help get students or schools on track?

Feel free to make points that are not in direct response to the questions I have posed. Thank you for your contribution.

  1. elliott says:

    How can we change the lack or parent involvment in a child’s life? How can we lure children away from the easy money or drugs and gangs? The gangs offer something a lot of kids aren’t getting, a sense of family.

    How can the schools disipline a child, when the parents fight the schools?

  2. Will says:

    I am a product of Baltimore City Public Schools, and i continually amazed when I sit back and look at what the out come of the “Current Education System” is today. The reason I said “System” is not because I am referring to the actual “School system” but because I am referring to the entire system that starts with Parents that decided to lay down with “Johnny the crack Dealer because he could buy me stuff.” Our generation should be ashamed that as teens so many of our friends had children with people because they had $$$. That is the Root of all of the Problems we have now! IF 2 idiots have a child and the first 5 years of their life they hear nothing except bad English and how to cut the Rock… How can you expect them to Learn in School. And even if they did how can they be expected to retain it if they go back home and watch TV with stars that can not complete a sentence unless it was rehearsed. You want to correct the system start at the Basics- Selective Breeding…. No Job No Babies…. Then you move n to the teachers- Underpaid under appreciated and over worked??? Starts at around $40K for 9 months of work… that would be on track for just under 55000 a year if they had to work full time all year…. Now that is not too bad in my opinion… under appreciated- Absolutely, but again it is by the parents that have not realized that the failure they are facing could be from poor breeding not the Teachers… So that is a circle that would need to be broken…. Overworked- Well I just did a quick Calculation and for them to put in the Number of hours I work in a year they would need to put in 90 hours a week… Remember they get 3 months off.

    I know that it sounds like I am bashing Teachers, but I really am not i think the Dedicated teachers I had at Barclay and Mervo were Unbelievable, but I also have a friend that failed the test to become a teacher 4 TIMES!!!! and she said she is too good of a teacher to work in Baltimore City Schools. Ummmmm She should be lucky to teach!!!

    Kids are Kids, but you can not expect the product of a poor upbringing to produce something that will be the best in its class every time- Can it happen? Yes, but it needs to be the child that goes- WAIT! I WILL NOT BE LIKE MY MOM AND DAD! I will be better

    Ohhhh me?
    Mom and Dad working divorced middle class
    Dad was gone when i was 12- Saw him very Seldom
    Went to BArclay School in Greenmount
    Graduated from Mervo
    Joined the Military
    Graduated at the TOP of my A School
    Graduated at the top of my “C” School
    Have a BSN
    Passed Nursing Exam on first Try
    Currently own my own Company

  3. George says:

    Who am I but a foreigner of the territory as am a resident of another state but… am a school bus driver from the two states. What do i see everyday as I drive these youngsters to and from school?. Well to be blunt and forward I see children that have no idea what responsibility means. This is both caused by parents at home and th eteachers all the way to the top of the ladder. If you want your child to learn then make them responsible for all of their actions and not with a love tap on the wrists but a good wake up smack onthe cheeks. Oh yes it can be done and is very legal to do so but parents won’t so thenit starts. I came from the old school speak when spoken to and no other time, unless it was an emergency. Work for your car and earn every dollar , not be handed the coin for it. Teachers are strapped by the Upper echelon that for some reason have forgotten how they got where they are at. I have seen the schools degrade ever since I graduated in 1960. No teachers need to be dedicated to their jobs and yes they earn more than adequate salaries for the most. Retirement is a gimme as I earned mine and had it taken away, the only way that will happen to them is if the entire state goes belly up and that isn’t likely.
    As a bus driver I see the students from elementary to high school and can tell you this, if something isn’t done to make them responsible at the early stage of school, then by the time they are in high school there will be no control over themat all.

  4. June Wilson says:

    I think that my 6 year old is not getting the education he needs. No i do not volunteer at his school and the reason is that the school does a backround check on each parent before they can volunteer and i am a recovering drug addict with a criminal past. I did fill out the volunteer application when my son was in pre k however after i submitted it i noticed a huge difference in the way his teacher looked at me. So i will not degrade myself again i will never fill out another volunteer application i don’t think it is fair that teachers get to read your volunteer application then judge you for your past. Also i do not want my child treated any different because of my past actions. I would love to be involved with his school i am a stay at home mom and have nothing but free time on my hands.As far as my sons education i don’t think he is getting what he needs from his school. I had a meeting with his first grade teacher and she had some concerns as well as i also had some concerns that my son is not at the same level as the rest of the class. I explained to the teacher that my son has been diagnosed with developmental delay and i think he is behind the rest of the students because there are alot of things my son can not do that a first grader should be able to do. Well needless to say i got the proof from his pediatrician that he was diagnose with developmental delay and sent it in to the teacher. She said she would get my son the help he needed but so far it has been 2 months since i gave her the proof and my son is still not recieving the proper education. The system sucks plain and simple they will probably pass him this year when i know that he should not proceed to a higher grade and i do not know what to do. My son is 6 and when he colors a picture it looks like a 3 year old did it. He is not at the same level as the rest of his class and i am afraid if he doesnt get the help he needs he will just get lost in the system.

    • George says:

      Ms Wilson : where does your son go to school ? There are state aids for your child’s defects and the school should have informed you about them. I am not totally familiar with Maryland’s help but believe you can go online to the county you are in and obtain all the einformationnecessary for the aid available.

    • mdeducator81 says:

      I don’t know if you ever check the site anymore, but if so I was wondering if you would be interested in a free literacy assessment for your son. I am working on my master’s in reading education and I need to assess a kindergartner or first grader in literacy skills (what they think about reading, what their current reading skills are). If you would be interested, reply to this comment or send me an email at

  5. June Wilson says:

    Hi George My son attends Deep Creek Elementary in Essex wich is Baltimore County. What website are you refering to any information so i can help my son get the proper education he deserves is very welcome and i thank you for your concern. Have a nice day!!!!

    • mdeducator81 says:

      June, Wow, thanks for sharing your dilemma. In order to really get your son the help he needs, I think you are going to have to be very persistent. Does your son have an IEP? I think that if you have received a diagnosis from your doctor, your son is eligible for one, but I would not wait for the teacher to take care of things for you and your son.
      Here is a link to the school’s website (the page with staff emails).

      I recommend sending some e-mails or making some phone calls, or a combination of both. You are going to have to be your child’s best advocate.
      Do everything you can to get him the instruction he needs; he’s just starting out on his educational journey, and the possibilities are endless!

  6. mdeducator81 says:

    And I’m also working on my master’s as a reading specialist, so if you feel your son is getting behind in reading, I can assess him or give you some suggested activities.

    • June Wilson says:

      Thank you very much I would really appreciate your help in any way. I am very concerned for my sons education. I did talk to his teacher yesterday and she informed me that they have been taking my son out of class each day and putting him into a smaller group or giving him some one on one time and as of now everything they are working on with him has been improving . Teacher also said that since he is improving with the extra help he is receiving that he will more then likely not be reffered for the next step up. I have noticed a difference in my sons reading ability, every night him and I read a book that is sent home each day from school. I have noticed that he is begining to actually read the book to me instead of me reading to him. School has given my son a folder and a new book each day. My son is supposed to read the book each night with me and then I mark his folder saying we completed the book. I really think they have him at the lowest level of reading right now and I feel he is doing very well and shopuld possibly be moved to the next level for reading.

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